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United Multimodal

Bridging Europe from Ukraine

Utilizing Decades of Experience

At United Multimodal, our journey spans the rails of experience, connecting Ukrainian and Polish territories. With a tangible long-term presence in both regions, we’ve honed our skills to perfection. Our expertise lies in managing traffic flow seamlessly across borders, ensuring efficient cross-border operations.

Investing in Rolling Stock

Our commitment to long-term growth drives our strategic investments. We focus on sea containers, specialized containers, and locomotives. These assets empower seamless global trade, efficient cargo transport, and cross-country connections. At United Multimodal, we’re not just moving goods; we’re shaping the future of logistics.

Warsaw Office Address

Ostrobramska 101, Warszawa, Poland, 04-041

Kyiv Office Address

11 Ivan Bilyka Street, office 94, Kyiv, Ukraine, 03193



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