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Meet Our Team

Our team of highly skilled professionals serves as the cornerstone of United Multimodal Services LLC. Their expertise and innovative thinking play a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of our evolving business, ensuring that every task is accomplished with precision and excellence.


Vitalii Melnyk

Managing Member

Vitalii is a distinguished leader of our team, a proven railroad operations professional, adorned with over two decades of unwavering expertise, ensuring seamless journeys on the steel pathways; a conductor of precision, efficiency, and a steadfast commitment to excellence, guiding the rails with unparalleled mastery.

7 yeras expirence as railway dispacer .webp

Katarzyna Maria Leskiewicz

Operations, Member

Katarzyna Maria is a trailblazing railroad operations professional, a distinguished woman with over seven years of expertise in orchestrating seamless railroad journeys with unwavering precision and a steadfast commitment to excellence.  


Viktoria Rybalchenko

Lawyer, Member

Viktoria is an accomplished corporate legal strategist and a  formidable woman, who possesses over a decade of expertise in navigating the intricate realm of corporate law; with a razor-sharp intellect and unwavering dedication, she provides astute counsel for the complexities of the business world.

Warsaw Office Address

Ostrobramska 101, Warszawa, Poland, 04-041

Kyiv Office Address

11 Ivan Bilyka Street, office 94, Kyiv, Ukraine, 03193



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