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We strategically channel our investments towards dynamic ventures within the vertical value chain of rail transportation services, facilitating an amplified competitive advantage and an extended reach for our exceptional offerings

General Container Services LLC

A resplendent embodiment of strategic asset management, founded with utmost pride in Ukraine, in harmonious collaboration with the vanguard Ukrainian agro business and the illustrious logistics services provider hailing from the United Kingdom.

Loading grain onto a ship at the port. Grain terminal at the port. Grain trade..jpg

United Multimodal Containers LLC

A remarkable nexus of strategic asset management, standing as a testament to our collective achievements, meticulously co-founded in Poland alongside the distinguished Ukrainian agro business, Risoil Ukraine

Construction of a new railway platform for grain  transporting. Infrastructure for loading

Warsaw Office Address

Ostrobramska 101, Warszawa, Poland, 04-041

Kyiv Office Address

11 Ivan Bilyka Street, office 94, Kyiv, Ukraine, 03193



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