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Our Services

Container Trains

We run container trains between Ukraine and the EU. We offer unparalleled rail freight services, expertly managing cross-border operations and providing efficient drayage services within ports. Our commitment to excellence ensures that we deliver state-of-the-art solutions, maximizing efficiency and reliability in every aspect of transportation and logistics. 

Specialized Dry Bulk Container Trains

We establish vital connections between grain elevators at the Ukrainian/Polish border in Mostytska and Yagodin and the European Union's rail link. This seamless linkage enables efficient transportation to Polish sea port grain terminals in Gdansk, Szczecin, as well as various other ports across the European Union.

Rolling Stock Leasing

Through our subsidiaries in Poland and Ukraine, we offer cutting-edge dry bulk cargo containers for lease. These meticulously designed and produced containers enhance operational efficiency, providing our customers with a significant competitive edge. We take pride in equipping businesses with the tools they need for success in their ventures.

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Warsaw Office Address

Ostrobramska 101, Warszawa, Poland, 04-041

Kyiv Office Address

11 Ivan Bilyka Street, office 94, Kyiv, Ukraine, 03193



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